Bald Baker reconnects you with life's simple joys through our delicious, sugar conscious, worry-free desserts. 

Bald Baker treats are amazing. Plain and simple. I took a bite of the cookie and oh my god! Peanut butter and chocolate never tasted so good. No excess amounts of sugar was definitely a welcome surprise, and I actually felt good after eating it. I remember half waiting for that typical dessert sluggishness to kick in, and when it didn’t I knew I had to get my hands on his treats more often.
— Ater
The brownie was amazing. The whole family loved it and the kids asked for more hahaha. I’d buy them and cut them up for little treats for the kids (and myself of course). I love that my kids like the bald baker treats- so much healthier than alternatives and I’m trying to get them away from added sugar as much as reasonably possible so they are perfect for that!