What Drives You?

Last week, Bald Baker had its very first public tasting event. 

It was exhilarating. 

It was terrifying.

It was rewarding, but not for the reasons you'd expect.

Truth be told, I was way more nervous for the day before; the first day in my life that I stepped foot into an industrial kitchen. Thank goodness I was with a fearless dynamo (proving my point about partnering with somebody who knows what they're doing when you don't) who was able to take the proverbial bull by the horns and together, we learned how to bake cookies in a rotating rack oven. 

For the most part, it was a success, and we learned a lot about recipe scaling. We were happy enough with the results to take them the following night to a large group of extended friends and family for their feedback. As I stepped into the bar (where else?), somebody asked me if I was going to say something to the crowd and it hadn't occurred to me that I should. 

That's when I realized what my true motivations were. 

I've spoken in front of a crowd quite a few times, and my first inclination is always to thank people first then dive into whatever I'm going to say. At first I wanted to thank the aforementioned fearless dynamo, then my family, then my wife. The order segued nicely into how my first cookies were frankensteins and now they're frankenfines. (I was actually going to say that). But then I realized that while I am deeply indebted to them, Bald Baker exists because of them, but not for them.

Well then, what about all the sugar-conscious people that we're trying to help? Yes, Bald Baker exists to offer everyone a chance to enjoy delicious desserts; to have their cookie and eat it too.

Then my one and half year old son walked in and I knew right then and there why I started Bald Baker and stopped working anywhere else, for anybody else. 

I've quoted the stats ad nauseam about the prevalence of diabetes, childhood obesity, poor nutrition etc., and they're real and they're devastating. The very fact that it was deemed an epidemic IN 1917, that's one hundred years ago, means that the sugar problem has reached tragic, epic proportions. And as important as it is for me, and for everyone who is so inclined to create programs, products and support to combat this challenge, that's still not what's driving me. It's not the deep-down, gut-instinct force that propels me and every other entrepreneur I've met.

You see the innocence on your kid's face and you see the entirely open world and every available opportunity imaginable and you realize that it's on you to set the stage.  It's on you to show that it's ok to be scared, but not ok to let that stop you from walking into that kitchen, from moving forward with what you want to do. How can you possibly tell your child to have courage and to follow his or her dreams when you don't do it yourself?

So we bake, and quite well I might add. We create delicious, worry-free products for people who crave them. We do it with the help of our families, our friends and you. And we do it to set a positive example; me because I want to, but ultimately, because I think we have to.