Sweat the Small Wins

After this week, I finally feel justified in cracking open that special bottle

Now, please don't mistake the following as self aggrandizement or frivolous patting of my own back. But...we have enjoyed a string of successes lately. Lets call them small wins. 

To sum up:

  1. First farmers market with fairly good reception.
  2. Second farmers market with 25% returning customers from first week and full sell out of all inventory.
  3. First serious investment offer
  4. First client in the form of a popular cafe in the neighborhood
  5. First repeat online order

It finally feels like we are doing something right.

Then we complete the picture with a bit more context:

  1. The first farmers market produced $125 total revenue with a cost closer to $400
  2. The Second produced revenues of $175. Breakeven.
  3. The investment is to take the business in a direction that I'm uncomfortable with.
  4. The client's total order is $40 for 20 units
  5. The repeat online order will total $40 for 4 boxes

Not as compelling anymore, right?

So as a former finance guy making a consistent, and decently sized paycheck, I ask myself what the hell am I doing scrambling so much for a measly few hundred dollars? 

And the answer is living the dream while testing my faith in myself. In fact, every day is a test of that faith and like Indy, every day I take that leap onto the invisible bridge because the grail is just on the other side. 

Future Dan is back again telling me not to sweat the small stuff, but to revel in it. Embrace these wins. It's a small order, but it's a big first client. Each and every dollar earned is validation and brings with it continued confidence. Somebody else, unbiased, has decided to spend their money on our products when it could have been spent elsewhere. That is an awesome feeling.

So, its not just $200 bucks, its the only stall to sell their full inventory. Its the best, most satisfying 200 bucks I have ever earned.