Sweating for Sweetness

I'm appalled that it's been nearly two months since my last post, but it's been a whirlwind. So I'll start by wishing everyone reading this a safe, healthy and happy new year. 

Most people begin their new year with one or two resolutions; things they'll be doing this coming year to improve themselves, their family, their community etc. Instead, I'm starting the new year by NOT doing something - specifically, eating added sugar. I'm practicing what I preach and I gotta tell you - it is tough. Actually, it just outright sucks. I'm not sure if it's because sugar has become such a ubiquitous part of my diet (aka my routine) or it is just found in so many foods that you wouldn't expect or because I'm chemically addicted and I'm going through withdrawal, but I'll tell you what - I'm sweating for sweetness. 

Show me what your normal day is like and I'll show you ten different sources of sugar. My day almost always starts with a bowl of cereal; a bigger bowl than the one my two year old is enjoying right next to me. I thought that I was 'eating right' my choosing Multigrain Cheerios vs. Honey Nut. It has 6g per 28g bowl. Without even flinching, I can easily polish a 60 or 70g bowl of 'healthy cereal.' So before I've even left the house, I'm at least half way through my daily allotment (according to the World Health Organization). 

Thank goodness I'm a coffee snob, so no sugar there, but how many people put 1 or more packets in their coffee, and how many coffees do you normally drink in a day? What about OJ with your breakfast, or yogurt? I'd check those for added sugars if I were you.

I've made it to lunch and I'm very excited for my healthy lunch - a chicken wrap. I'm foregoing the honey mustard or ketchup or other sauce that I'd normally add. Too obvious.  I'm choosing the whole wheat instead of the white flour wrap. Strangely enough - no added sugar! I think I'll grab a bag of veggie stix as a side. Can't be any sugar in a salty vegetable snack, right? WRONG! looks like no chips for me. In fact, most of the bags of chips I grabbed had some added sugar.  

3pm. Time for a coffee and a snack. Wait a second. I'm not actually hungry, but I do want a coffee. Why am I not hungry? This is high time for a bite... something's fishy here.

Dinner. Standard move is some protein (usually a lean meat) with a salad or veggies that my wife will prep and a carb like noodles or potatoes or something. On this lovely evening, I'm moving forward with spaghetti with a turkey bolognese sauce. Or more aptly, boiled noodles, tomato sauce mixed with veggies or ground and browned turkey. A bit of staple. Now that I'm looking for it, I check the nutritional panel on the sauce, and there it is. Sugar. IN TOMATO SAUCE!!! Looks like it's garlic and butter tonight on top of my noodles. Ok - not what I was looking for, but not a major disappointment. 

Dessert? Unless it's an apple or a straight fruit - forget about it. Even 85% dark chocolate. What's in the other 15%? How about innocent Ice Cream... nope.  Maybe a cracker? Like the Arrowroot I regularly feed my kid... nope. Something? Anything? So I start buying and freezing grapes and eating those. They're actually delicious. Like mini popsicles. 

A few more hours until I go to Snoozetown, population me, and I start digging into emails, catching up on Designated Survivor, doing whatever needs to be done to end the day. After walking my pooch, I hit the hey. 

But wait... no snack? I'd normally have to have something, but you know what? I'm not craving anything. That's weird. I'm not craving anything. And come to think of it - I wasn't craving anything at 3 either. Where are my cravings? I miss that little devil in my belly enticing me to satisfy it with empty calories every day. Where'd you go little guy?

Then... I notice that my pants are a bit looser. A long forgotten notch in my belt, one that has seen better days. One that hasn't seen the buckle in years but has miraculously and suddenly resurfaced. What's going on here? 

It's been 19 days and I've lost weight, lost my unhealthy cravings and lost my need for sugar. I've come to realize that while 80% of all consumer foods have added sugar, that other 20% can actually be very high quality. Classico tomato sauces for example have a broad range of no sugar added sauces that are fabulous. PC Blue makes a few varieties of healthy bread that don't contain sugar - but you have to dig deep in your grocery to find them. Seems like the word is out about sugar and more and more people are hearing it every day.

Experiment with yourself for just one week by eliminating added sugar and let me know how it goes. Try making your own jam (it's easy, literally just boil down strawberries and blueberries and add a bit of flax) or your own salad dressings (again - just balsamic vinegar, olive oil, S&P and a bit of natural mustard) to make delicious foods available for you to enjoy. Post your stories or your history with these types of 'cleanses.' Good luck. You'll need it for the first week, but after that... relatively smooth sailing.


Daniel Sennet