There's No Magic... Only Math

I had a profound realization this morning, more so because of it's simplicity.

I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of each alternative strategy I could pursue as I scale the company. The only thing I know is that I don't know a lot. So, I've tried to surround myself with people that can help. One such person  sat with me for an hour this morning and listened to my options and my evaluation of each. I'm hesitant because each has its own risks and exorbitant costs. Having been there before, he commiserated with me; both of us have wasted many hours pacing up and down our homes trying to get an "aha" moment to strike us; trying to figure what silver bullet exists that could propel us forward. We both consider ourselves reasonably smart...what idea or plan or solution had we not thought of?

As he clearly sympathized with my current position, he proceeded to utter words I hope I never forget: "there's no magic. There's only math." 

What he meant was, what's my quantifiable definition of success? $100,000 in revenue? $1,000,000? $100,000,000? There's no clicking your heels three times and presto - you're successful. There's only plotting out how many cookies I need to sell, in how many boxes, to how many stores, with how many repeat orders and at what price that will net me my revenue goal at the end of the year. 

The question then becomes how do I sell each cookie? With the end in clear high definition, it has become quite clear what steps I need to take to grow the company. 

Knowing that there's more that I don't know than I do, it helps me to work through the myriad of thoughts with an experienced listener. It's even more helpful when that person can provide constructive advice. And when you realize its all about the numbers, you focus on what needs to be done to hit those numbers. Despite  the seemingly insurmountable list of things to do that arise from this exercise, what you have is a tangible action plan, not a pie in the sky prayer for achieving success.