What does "sugar conscious" mean?

The term represents our philosophy and our primary value. It means that all of our products are baked with 4g of sugar or less, making us a diabetic-friendly dessert company. It means that you can finally indulge your sweet tooth, without worrying about the consequences of a blood sugar spike.

How can I get your cookies in my belly?

You can purchase treats right now on the " Buy Treats" page. Our cookies are also sold in select stores in Toronto and you can find a map in the " Where to Find Us." From time to time, we participate in various food festivals, like the Toronto Veg Fest. Be sure to follow us on social media to ensure that you don’t miss any updates!

Why the name "Bald Baker"?

You have to play the cards you're dealt. Know what I mean?

All your products are vegan, don't contain much sugar or any grains. What's left? How can your treats possibly taste any good?

We believe that you don't need sugar to make a dessert taste great. You need high-quality, great tasting ingredients. So, we deconstructed a normal cookie, threw out all the high-calorie, nutrient-void junk that you'd normally find and added back nutrient-rich, delicious ingredients to give you not just another 'healthy' cookie - but one that actually tastes fantastic. Goodbye white refined flour. Hello almond, coconut, quinoa and oat flours. Goodbye high-glycemic refined sugar. Hello no-glycemic-impact erythritol and stevia. Goodbye high-cholesterol eggs. Hello cholesterol-reducing, high-fiber flax. "I hate protein" said nobody, ever. Our treats are chock-full of nuts: almonds, walnuts, pecans & peanuts - rich sources of protein, healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals... not to mention, great taste.

What exactly is erythritol?

Erythritol is considered a sugar alcohol, although ironically, it is neither a sugar nor an alcohol. Without getting too sciency, using a natural process called hydrolysis, glucose is extracted from corn starch. This is where the sugar in the term 'sugar alcohol' comes from. This glucose is then fermented (adding the alcohol term) and the result is erythritol, a substance that looks, feels and bakes just like sugar. However, unlike other 'natural sugar substitutes' like agave, maple syrup or honey, erythritol contains no calories and has no glycemic impact. And unlike other sugar alcohols like sorbitol, maltitol or xylitol, erythritol does not create unpleasant gastro-intestinal side effects. It's basically a unicorn in that it shouldn't exist... but it does and we love it. I'm confident that once you try our treats, so will you.

I sometimes bake with stevia and it has this weird after taste. Why is that and do Bald Baker's treats have that?

Stevia is a natural substance that is actually 300x (yes, three hundred times!) sweeter than sugar. When people try to bake with it as their primary sweetener, they sometimes experience an aftertaste because of its overuse. Bald Baker uses erythritol as our primary sweetener, which is only 70% as sweet as sugar - the remaining 30% comes from our very conservative use of stevia. We have created our products to encompass more flavors than just sweet - earthy nuttiness from almonds and peanuts in our cookies for example; or cocoa and vanilla in the brownies. We experimented quite a bit. We could tell you 1,000 ways how not to make a cookie, but after many trials, we feel very strongly about how delicious our products are. ​

What is your raisin d'etre? (yes, pun intended)

Bald Baker exists so that anyone and everyone can enjoy a good treat without consequences. We want you to have your cookie, and eat it too; to feel the sense of satisfaction and joy that a delicious treat is supposed to produce. Everything we do, every treat that we make is baked with the intention to create the best possible dessert experience.

I LOVE your treats, but wish there were more flavour options. Do you have plans to expand your offering?

We are constantly tinkering around in the kitchen, and are hard at work on our next products. If you have any suggestions for products that you'd like to see then definitely shoot us an email. We'd love to hear from you!

Why vegan?

Why not? We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our products.

What are store policies?

Our policy is for you to enjoy yourself through our products. If for any reason that's not happening, than we've screwed up and you are due a refund, within reason. If there's something wrong, defective, off, smelly or in any way offensive about the product you've purchased, we will refund you entirely within 5 days of receiving notice. If you've eaten 5 of the 6 cookies in a box and then decide you don't like them... well... that's more difficult. On privacy: when I taste something great, I tell the world. Or my mother, which accomplishes the same thing. But we understand that might not be your preference, so please rest assured that all information sent to us will be kept private and confidential. We won't turn it over to anyone, other than the law, and only after a court order or subpoena. On payment methods: our online store is powered by Shopify Inc. They accept payment via Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit and Paypal.

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