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Kickstarter helps companies get exposure, brings new ideas to life and enables people to do what they "need to do for the world." With your support, Bald Baker is launching its Kickstarter campaign so that we can bring our treats into the hearts, minds and stomachs of as many people as possible.

Our goal is to empower you to think and eat and explore the exciting new realm of baked goods. We help you by providing delicious flavours that aren’t produced by overwhelming your taste buds and body with the addictive white powder we call sugar. We are accomplishing that mission with the use of ingredients that are exciting, innovative and free of the tired technique of ‘adding sugar til it tastes good’.  Our scrumptious baked goods are healthy. They prove that the world of desserts is morphing fast and we won’t leave you behind. 

With Bald Baker’s focus on innovations in baking, high-quality, nutritious ingredients, and great taste, we're expanding the dessert industry by introducing new options to indulge your sweet tooth, without the sugar or the consequences.

After testing the Ontario market for the past few months, the feedback and the reception can only be interpreted in the following way:  


I’m very proud of our progress. We've come a long way in a short amount of time – and we've only just begun. We sell out every week at our farmers' market; our café customers repeatedly increase their weekly order; and I'm constantly receiving requests for large, custom orders. We have been approached by four separate retailers, including a very notable international grocery chain.   

In short, there is a proven market for our sugar conscious desserts and now it's time to fund our first large-scale production run.

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