We believe that everyone should be able to feel worry-free culinary happiness, but unfortunately it’s a struggle for far too many.

Bald Baker was conceived following a terrifying incident involving the founder’s father who indulged in a ‘normal’ dessert one evening.  He is diabetic and suffered an unexpected and frightening reaction to the dessert.  Channeling all of the energy from the millions of people just like him who search for the joy of food and for a product that doesn't mean sacrificing or settling, but for indulging and living, Bald Baker is revolutionizing the dessert industry by producing mouthwatering, sugar conscious, health-forward treats.  


Dan Sennet, Founder & CEO

Tinkering around in the kitchen has been one of Dan's simple pleasures and early joys in life. Dan's Bubbe used to bake delicious cinnamon cookies called Ship Captains (pronounced with reverence as "Ships Capins"). Without fail, these treats put a smile on the face of everyone in the room. It is with her in mind, as well as his father who struggles with Type II diabetes, and the many millions of others that are trying to make healthier food choices, that Dan started Bald Baker. Leaving his "wantrapreneur" shoes by the way side and embracing his true calling as an entrepreneur, Dan left his finance career in New York City  to build on what his Bubbe taught him: put a smile on the faces of everyone around him by offering something delicious; something to reconnect you with life's simple joys.


Michelle Rosenstock, CCO

A lawyer by training, Michelle's true passion is food. George Brown College's training, honed with countless hours in her personal kitchen and experience at one of Toronto's only vegan and gluten-free bakeries, have combined to create a monster....a Cookie Monster! Michelle draws upon her love of dessert, deep interest in nutrition, health and wellness, a strong understanding of the health-conscious food industry and target consumer, as well as professional experience in the corporate world, to lead Bald Baker's product development as Chief Cookie Officer.