Eating is meant to be enjoyed, not regretted. That's why Bald Baker proudly makes sugar conscious, low glycemic impact foods that you can treat yourself to anytime.


The glycemic index is a measure of how quickly carbs affect your blood sugar levels. A higher index means a faster absorption rate, and a greater impact on blood sugar and insulin level.  Not ideal.

Our products are all low GI. The sweeteners that we use – erythritol and stevia – have a fraction of the glycemic impact (and calories) that sugar does, and are also all natural (no chemical concoctions here!).  And using plant-based flours instead of traditional grain flours enables us to keep things really low on the GI scale.

The science behind the glycemic index is cool, and you can read all about it here-- but what it all comes down to is that with Bald Baker treats, glycemic spikes and crashes are a thing of the past.  Say goodbye to your afternoon slump.

Finally, you can have your cookie, and eat it too. 


A well balanced diet that includes mostly low GI foods facilitates relatively stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. No need for a 3pm coffee. This is exactly what we produce. #goals


After ingesting a high GI food - which most desserts are - our body quickly absorbs the sugar and then over-produces insulin to push it back down, creating a blood sugar roller coaster. Strong need for a 3pm coffee.


Refined sugar contains no fiber, minerals, nutrients, protein, healthy fat, or enzymes.

And as much as we love our Canadian maple syrup, you won’t find it – or agave, honey or rice syrup – in our products either. Our goal is for you to reduce your sugar consumption, and those replacements are effectively just liquid sugar.


Delicious and gluten-free are terms that we take to heart, and they now belong in the same sentence. Gone are the days of dry, flaky treats. We focus on using high-quality, nutritious, plant-, nut- and seed-based flours (almond, pecan and quinoa, to name a few) that impart moisture, proper texture and taste into all of our products. We produce in a dedicated gluten-free facility because we're serious on low GI, gluten-free alternatives to traditional refined flours. Once you taste our goodies, you will be too. 


Eggs are one of the most common allergens for children. We've replaced the binding and textural effects of eggs with an all natural, high-fiber, vegan substitute called a “flax egg” - simply flax meal and water combined. 


Dairy is another very common allergen. And many of those whom are not allergic still react poorly to its consumption. So we use unrefined coconut oil, as well as sunflower and canola oil instead of butter. 


We believe in producing 100% plant-based products that can be enjoyed by those who do not consume animal-products.


We bake with your enjoyment in mind. First and foremost, our products are delicious. But by removing sugar, dairy, eggs & gluten, we’ve created nutritious desserts that can be enjoyed at any time, without regret or concern.

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